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Goldfish Bowl

Fish bowls are only temporary solutions. Your goldfish will live longer and happier in a tank or a pond. You can put Fonly one Goldfish per fish bowl. If your fish begins to grow rapidly, you will have to transfer it into a tank or a bigger bowl. While choosing a fish bowl for your Goldfish, make sure that it has atleast one-gallon capacity.It is also equally important to buy a good net to transport your fish. The net needs to be 3-inches wide.

Water for the bowl

Do not use tap water for the bowl, not even if you treat it before filling the bowl with it. To keep you fish healthy, it is best to use a bottled drinking water. Do not use distilled or de-ionized water. Fill the bowl with water leaving two inches below the rim. Use clean transparent plastic sheet to cover the bowl so that you can prevent your fish from jumping out.

How to Change Some Water in your Fish Bowl

Fish live best in fresh water. You shouldn't change all the water inthe tank at the same time but change 20% of the water twice aweek. While changing the water, it is perhaps best to transfer your fish, lest you might drop you fish into the drain while pouring out the water.

Making Bottled Water

You could purify water at home and use it instead of bottled water sometimes. Use water conditioners to purify the water. Fill a bottle with water, leaving a 2-inch space on the top of the bottle and add five drops of water conditioner. Seal the bottle and shake it well. Let the bottle sit for three days before you use it in your fish bowl.

How to Clean your Fish Bowl

Algae will grow at the bottom of the tank. Although they make a good snack, you should clean it as they give your tank a greenish and dirty appearance. Here is how you should clean the tank:

1. Pour out 80% of the bowl water into another container.

2. With a net, carefully transfer your fish, ornaments and gravel
into the temporary container.
3. Use a paper towel to scrub the sides and the bottom of the
4. Rinse the bowl thoroughly.
5. Pour the water from the temporary container back into the
6. Transfer your fish, ornaments and gravel back into the bowl.

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