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Comet Goldfish

Other Common Name:

Swallowtails (in Far East)


First produced in USA and Europe


Total length is 5 to 6 inches (16 to 18 cm)


It lives up to 20 years

Physical Description

The body shape of the Comet is long and slim. They have a high dorsal fin and deeply forked long and narrow caudal fins. Comet has a tail lobes like open pair of scissors with metallic scales which is distinct feature from other goldfishes. It has single anal fin and long& pointed pair of pelvic, pectoral fins. Comet is fastest swimmer among all Goldfish varieties.

Color Varieties ofComet

Comet have both metallic and calico color pattern which is red, white, orange, yellow , brown and spotted black. Comet with redand white is called as Sarasa Comet in China.


IGiven the size and speed of the comet goldfish a pond makes the best habitat. They can survive cold winters in ponds as long as the water doesn't freeze completely. If the surface freezes over, just remember to make a hole on the ice for oxygen and gas exchange. We can keep Comet in the aquarium of 30 to 40 gallon for single fish. You should fill aquarium with cold water and decorated with rocks, hearty plants, and gravel.

Comet is more suitable for pond type housing. Proper filtration required to maintain good water condition.


TTemperature you have to maintain between 33 to 90 degrees F. You should provide light setup as natural lighting.

Water Condition:

You have to set up water condition for Comet pH as 6.8 to 7.2 and dH as 2 to 12

Moving Level in Water:

Comet is fastest swimmer so; it can swim in all levels of water


This species of goldfish are voracious eaters and will eat just about anything. If there are other species of fish in the same pond, there is a good chance that they might starve as the fast swimming comet will eat everything. Their diet can include spirulina, vegetables like spinach, cucumber, lettuce, peas and all kinds of pellets and flakes. You can also give those frozen krill, bloodworm and daphnia. They will also snack on the algae growing at the bottom of the pond.


IIt is very easy to breed in pond. They may lay their eggs up to 1000 or more. Fry may emerge in 5 to 6 days and color of the fish may develop with in 6 to 8 months. After breed them remember remove the parents from the pond in which you have done the breeding. Since, they may eat their eggs.

On the flip side

The comet goldfish is not a fancy fish and is often used as food for other fish. The next time you go to a pet store be sure to check the feeder tank and you might just find a beautiful comet you want to take home with you.

Selecting a good Comet

1. The fish bright and alert with high caudal fin without overlapping each other.
2. Good quality fish high color intensity which is extending to fins.
3. Length of dorsal lobe of caudal fin should be greater than 3/4th of the body length
4. 25 percent should be blue in case of calico color pattern Comet.
5. Body should be long slender with smooth outline.

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