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Black Moor Goldfish

Other Common Names:

Black Dragon Eye, Black Peony


China, Asia, Japan


Total length up to 10 inches (25 cm) [Body length 2 ¼ inches (5.5 cm), caudal fin length ¾ of the body length, Depth of body is 2/3rd of body length and Dorsal fin 1/3rd to 5/8th of the body depth.]


up to 20 years

Physical Description

Black Moor Goldfish are quite hardy in nature since they belongs to carp group. Their eyes are unique as they are protruding and pointing sideways. This distinguishes them from Telescope which has spherical and more protrudingeyes. Celestial fish has eyes facing upwards whereas Moor has its eyes facing sidewards. Moor has a silver belly with arectangular shape body outline and a broad and deeply forked tail. Moor having single dorsal fin and other caudal, anal, pectoral and pelvic fins occur in pairs. The caudal fin and lobes are rounded and forked whereas other fins are of the same size.

Various Color and Pattern

Black Moor is the one of the veil tail variety. All varieties of Moor has a black coloration overall in their body. The fish comes in in different types like broad tail, ribbon tail and butterfly, and are pretty when viewed from above. In earlier times, around the 1930s, there was a very gorgeous veil tail Moor vastly appreciated in England, but unfortunately they are not available anymore to my knowledge.


Moor can live comfortably in a tank with a capacity of 20 to 25 gallons of water. You can decorate your aquarium with silky plants and rocks. Avoid using objects, ornaments and pastic plantsinside the tank as they may damage the fish's eyes. The Black Moor is a tank fish and doesn't do too well in a pond. If you are adding other goldfish to the same tank, make sure that they are slower ones like celestials, telescopes and bubble eyes so that all fish have an equal chance to find food.

Temperature: This fish can survive with a temperature of 65 - 72 degrees F (18 - 22 degrees C). Tank lighting set up should be high. You should maintain a balanced temperament in the aquarium.

Water Condition: The tank water conditions should be maintained at a pH level of 6.5 - 7.5 and dH of 4 - 20. Moving Level in Water: This fish swims mostly in middle level of the water.


The Black Moor has an ideal diet consisting of a mixture of pellets,flakes, frozen foods like daphnia, shrimp, bloodworms, pre-cooked cocktail shrimp and vegetables like lettuce, cucumber and peas. The basic rule is to avoid foods that float as their unique positioning of eyes makes it difficult for them to find food. You have to maintain 30 % of protein food to grow a healthy one.


You can breed your fish after certain years. They lay up to 1000 eggs. The fish will start to grow at the age of 6 to 7 months. For more on this, refer Breeding.

Selecting a good Black Moor

While selecting this fish, we have to follow below mentioned
1. Fish should look bright and alert
2. The caudal fin should be well divided and forked
3. The eye sacs should be well developed and match each other.
4. The short body should have a smooth outline.

5. The dorsal fin should look high and erect.

6. The color of fish should look as deep black without any shade
of brown or sliver.

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