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Auto Feeders

Outdoor/Indoor" Feeder

The KSF-2 is composed of vey thick high-impact acrylic Plastic, tough polypropylene interior parts and stainless steel hardware . And all parts are available and easily replaced, should you ever need them. Heavy-duty high-impact acrylic plastic helps prevent condensation and is practically animal-proof. This feeder is extremely weather resistant and can be used for any type of outdoor or indoor feeding.

The only thing you will need to operate, power and trigger your feeder is some wire and any inexpensive remote plug-in timer. It can also be operated without its power adapter by hooking it up directly to a timer/transformer for a 12 Volt landscape lighting system or a sprinkler system timer which normally supplies 24vac. Operate it like a "zone" valve.

A home automation X-10™ type system is perfect match and A 12 Volt battery can also be used with our optional external 12vdc digital timer.

The external 120vac remote timer (not included with a basic package, but available with combo deals) and the feeder's supplied low-voltage power adapter are normally used to"trigger" and power the feede r's own internal and adjustable feed timer (no batteries required).

YOU adjust the feeder's own internal feed timer for the length of time you want the feeder to run at each cycle. The feeder is capable of feeding as many times as the external remote timer is able to provide "onoffcycles (24 times a day, or more, depending on the timer used). A 12 Volt battery system/timer is also available for those of you who must have it, but we really do not recommend battery systems. Our Super Feeders can accurately feed from just a few pellets to several cups per day.

Several feeders can be "triggered" by one timer .

All models will readily fit to a vertical 2x4 (preferred method), a pipe, hung, or on top of a platform. A real neat mobile method is with a 4x4, 2x4, or a PVC pipe held in place with sand or concrete at the inside edge of a 5 gal. plastic bucket, to which you can attach your Super Feeder.

You can move the bucket around in your pond wherever you want it to be. You can even dress up your installation with flowers. Real handy! Each feeder has its own reset switch and electronic adjustment to initially calibrate thefeeding cycles. A status green (LED) light letsyou know when the feeder is powered.

The model above includes the KSF-2 Super Feeder, mounting bracket, 1 custom-built 1-Gallon hopper, 2 clear 2-cup hopper extensions (which you may use one or both to let you see when the food gets low), 1 power pack, straps and hardware. This model can hold upto 20 and 3/4 cups of food. A 2-gallon set-up is also available at 36 3/4 cups. These large custom-built hoppers are only available in limited quantities and may not always be available!

The time it runs determines the amount of food that comes out for a given time, and a mechanical adjustment calibrates the volume of food dispensed for that given time. It dispenses all the food required from a split second to approximately 70 seconds, as adjusted by you, totally independent of the length of time the remote timer stays on.

Sealed components of KSF-2. The additional screw terminal strip underneath the feeder (left) is for connecting a two-conductor wire outdoors and/or triggering several other feeders, relay, etc... The jack plug should not used on outdoor installation

Mounting Drawings



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